Campus Health Center is your go-to for flu immunization information. Check out all of our information for everything you need to know about getting your flu shot, why you should get vaccinated, stats and more! Remember, #StopTheFluWSU and don’t let the flu get you!

Flu Shot Appointments

The Campus Health Center (CHC) offers all currently enrolled WSU students flu shots at no out-of-pocket charge. If insurance does not cover a WSU student’s flu shot or if a student does not have insurance, they will not receive a bill.

If you received your flu vaccine from the Campus Health Center, and if you receive a bill, please do not hesitate to contact us with questions. We are always here to help, and want to ensure all your questions are answered.

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CHC is committed to adhering to university-wide policies and procedures related to safety during COVID-19. This includes strict cleaning and social distancing guidelines, as well as appropriate PPE worn by staff at all times.  Warrior safe is warrior strong!

Flu Vaccine Myths

Have you heard these common flu vaccine myths:

  • The flu shot gives me the flu
  • I have an egg allergy so I can’t get the flu shot
  • Flu disease is not serious, so I don’t need a shot

Read our Flu Vaccine Myth for correct information combating common flu vaccine myths.


The Flu and You: Why vaccination is more important than ever during COVID-19

Watch the Flu & You video.

Early reports from the CDC show the flu caused anywhere from 24,000-62,000 deaths during the 2019-2020 flu season.  During the time of COVID-19, vaccine-preventable diseases like the flu should be the last thing you need to worry about!  Learn more about which vaccines college students are often due for, the myths surrounding the flu shot, and more.  Because busy students don’t have time to be sick!  Make sure your vaccines are up-to-date and #StopTheFluWSU

Blog Articles about Flu Vaccination

Questions about Flu Vaccination?

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