Warrior Visit

Enrolled Wayne State students will not be charged for their first two office visits at Campus Health Center (CHC) each fall and winter semester. Warrior Visits are submitted to insurance, if insurance does not fully cover, the student will not receive a bill from CHC for the balance. If the student does not have insurance, or the student opts to self-pay, the office visit fee will be waived. *See below for exclusions.

Warrior Visit benefit:

  • No out-of-pocket expense for students.
  • Students will not receive a bill for the office visit.
  • All appointment types are included.


*Warrior Visit exclusions: The Warrior Visit does not include services, such as those listed below. Insurance will be billed, but if not fully covered, the student will be responsible for payment.

  • Laboratory tests (STI testing, throat swabs, TB tests, etc.) For students who wish to self-pay or who are uninsured, labs are offered at a discounted price and paid to CHC at the time of service. 
  • Allergy shots and immunizations, flu shots, HPV, tetanus, etc.
  • Surgical procedures such as sutures (stitches), excision, incision, etc.
  • Medical supplies (brace, crutches, air cast, sling, etc.) Students can rent medical supplies such as crutches, slings, and braces from CHC for a small rental fee due at the time of service. 
  • Third and subsequent office visits per fall and winter semester
  • Visits during the spring and/or summer semesters