How common are STI’s among college students? What are the most common STI’s in college students?

About half of sexually active people under age 25 will get an STI at some point and time, and most have no symptoms. If you are now, or have ever been sexually active, you should get tested.

Chlamydia is the most common STI, and there are often no symptoms. That’s why getting tested is so important for both men and women. If Chlamydia goes untreated, it can cause problems with fertility, making it difficult to have a child when a person is ready to do so.

2015 and 2016 reported cases of STDs among Detroit residents age 20-24, rates range between 0.1% and 4%. A rate is often presented as cases per 100,000 population rather than a percent. Note that 2016 data are provisional and will change as more complete information becomes available.

-Reported CasesPer 100,000Perfect (Per 100)
2015 new chlamydia2,3444,218.34.2%
2015 new gonorrhea 6421,155.31.2%
2015 new syphilis (Primary and Secondary)1934.20.03%
2015 new HIV diagnoses77138.60.1%
2016 new chlamydia (est)3,4526,212.26.2%
2016 new gonorrhea (est)1,1532,074.92.1%
2016 new syphilis (Primary and Secondary est)2239.60.04%
2016 new HIV diagnoses (est) 59106.20.1%
2015 Census population estimate 55,568

Anyone is at risk of contracting an STI if they don’t protect themselves.

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