What IF my blood test is positive?

The CHC nurse will contact you right away and arrange for you to have a chest x-ray to make sure there is no active TB disease in your lungs. The nurse will ask you some more questions about your health and how you are feeling. If you are having symptoms suggestive of TB disease, you may be asked to submit a sputum specimen. If your chest x-ray and sputum specimen (if required) is normal (no active TB disease found) and you are feeling fine (no signs & symptoms of active TB disease), the nurse will give you a TB clearance so you can continue taking classes. The nurse will talk to you about taking medicine for latent TB infection.

**Having TB will NOT affect your visa or student status. Students who have TB infection are not discriminated against in any way. WSU must report cases of active TB disease (not latent TB infection) to county health departments for investigation of possible transmission to others. Otherwise, health records at WSU are confidential and cannot be released without patient consent. Your TB test result will not appear on your academic documents.**

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