Love Shouldn’t Hurt

New domestic abuse campaign launched at Wayne State University

Wayne State University is taking steps to address domestic violence through a new campuswide initiative.

The university’s Campus Health Center (CHC) and the Title IX office secured the Chris Labyk Award through the Mid-America College Health Association. Using funds from the award, they partnered with Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), Wayne State’s suicide prevention program, and the Dean of Students Office (DOSO) to create and launch the public health campaign, called Love Shouldn’t Hurt.

“In an effort to increase knowledge about healthy relationships, signs of abuse and available resources locally for domestic abuse, we have implemented a campuswide domestic abuse prevention program,” said Karen Huyghe, marketing and public relations manager for CHC. “This includes signage and resource cards placed in strategic places across campus, a domestic abuse health education program, outreach activities, and resources on our Warrior Life and Wellness webpage.”

The kickoff for Love Shouldn’t Hurt was held Feb. 11 in the Student Center Building. Fourteen health education events are planned across campus throughout the winter semester, with a plan for continued education in upcoming academic years.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one out of four women and one out of 10 men experience some sort of domestic abuse throughout their lifetime. Traumatic in the moment, domestic abuse can also lead to many long-lasting physical and mental health issues. The CHC wants to ensure that the campus community has access to local resources and an understanding of the signs of domestic abuse so they can seek help if needed.

“Partners in a relationship deserve to be respected, to feel safe, and to be valued and accepted for who they are,” said Brandy Banks, Wayne State’s Title IX director. “We know that every relationship is different, but we want students to understand that they have rights in a relationship.”

The goal for the Love Shouldn’t Hurt campaign is to spread information about what a healthy relationship looks like, explain the signs of domestic abuse and provide local resources.

To learn more about domestic abuse prevention and the Love Shouldn’t Hurt campaign, visit

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