Welcome to Wayne State University and the Campus Health Center!


The Campus Health Center is here to help you prepare for life on college campus and stay healthy while you are here. We provide healthcare services to students who are currently enrolled at Wayne State University.


We have created some of our important forms in different languages to make getting started at the Campus Health Center easy. However, please remember to fill these out in English.

Complete the required forms and bring them with you to your appointment. All forms are in PDF format.

Immunization Records

Wayne State University policy states that all students living on campus must have an immunization record on file with the Campus Health Center prior to moving in. Print the form below and have your healthcare provider complete it or attach a copy of your immunization records. You can mail, email, fax, or bring with you on move-in day. Please remember to fill these out in English.

Tuberculosis Screening

We recommend that you have the TB testing done at the Campus Health Center since there are many guidelines that need to be followed for the test.

If you choose to have the TB test done in your home country, an appointment is still required at the Campus Health Center so that we can review the results and go over other additional risk factors for TB with you. If you have a TB test done elsewhere, the test result must be on official letterhead, signed by the provider with the date, your name, and your date of birth, and it must be in English. We strongly recommend you have a blood test called an IGRA (T-Spot or QuantiFERON Gold test) done. We will need a printed copy of the test result. If you have a TB skin test done (PPD), documentation must also include whether the test was positive or negative and the measurement of the area of induration in millimeters. If you have a chest x-ray performed as a result of a positive TB test (blood test or skin test), we will need a copy of the written chest x-ray report in English. Most importantly, any TB testing must be done within 30 days of travel to the United States.

Check out our services or call us at (313) 577-5041 to schedule an appointment.