The Benefits of Group Counseling

Have you ever experienced a morning when everything went wrong, and you said to yourself, “It’s going to be a BAD day”? Minor inconveniences can easily snowball into a bad day with the wrong mindset. You may already be attending workshops with the Academic Success Center (ASC) to assist you in improving your study skills; however, academic stress can also cause struggles in our personal lives, and often, our personal difficulties can directly affect our academic performance.


Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), located in the Student Center Building, can help students learn to cope with emotional issues that may affect their academics. And just as the workshops at the ASC can help with your study skills, groups and workshops at CAPS can help you with personal issues. Here are some of the benefits of group counseling:

  1. Students can discuss issues with their peers, who may better understand student issues.
  2. Students can learn from others who have similar problems. Another student in the group may have gone through a similar situation and can offer support.
  3. Students can gain multiple perspectives from other group members. Other group members can provide guidance about the situation.
  4. Students can pick up new skills that they can use in their daily lives, including social and interpersonal skills, which will help create and sustain strong relationships.
  5. Students can find acceptance of their issues because other group members may understand what it’s like to be in their position.
  6. Groups are often the most effective counseling method to treat the types of concerns that university students are facing. Students often find the perspective and support of their peers beneficial.


CAPS groups and workshops are offered free to all registered students at Wayne State University, and they cover a variety of topics that address student concerns. In group therapy, students meet with peers and a group counselor to receive therapy from each other in a safe, confidential environment. Some group topics include dealing with grief and loss, adjusting to college, and relationship exploration. Workshops offer students the opportunity to learn more about different mental health topics in a psychoeducational seminar. Some of our workshop topics include improving self-esteem, stress management, and relaxation training.


To learn more about our groups and workshops, visit our website, http://, or come to CAPS in 552 Student Center Building between 9am-4pm to speak with the counselor on duty.


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