The Campus Health Center (CHC) is doing outreach COVID-19 testing in locations across campus. Testing is an important way we contribute to the health of the campus community. Appointments are limited.

You must wear a mask to your appointment. WSU students and faculty and staff are eligible for COVID-19 testing at CHC for no out-of-pocket charge (CHC will bill insurance, if available).

Students and employees must not have any COVID-19 symptoms to be tested at this outreach site. A COVID-19 symptom screening will occur at the door and any person with symptoms will be asked to call CHC at (313) 577-5041 for a COVID testing appointment.

If these dates and times do not work for your schedule, or if there are no appointments left, please make an appointment at CHC (5285 Anthony Wayne Drive) Monday-Friday, 9am-5:30am, by calling 313.577.5041.

Campus Daily Screener Question

When you complete the Campus Daily Screener, you do NOT have to answer “YES” on the daily screener stating you have a pending COVID-19 test if it pertains to volunteer/mandated testing.

COVID-19 Results

CHC will contact and discuss with you if your COVID-19 result is positive. Your test results will also be available on the CHC Patient Portal at If you do not receive your test results on the Patient Portal after 5 business days, please ask at your next weekly COVID-19 testing appointment or call CHC at 313-577-5041.

Patient Portal Steps

  1. Login for patient portal by going to and clicking on Patient Portal.
    1. If you do not have a Patient Portal account yet, we will help you set one up at your appointment. Please arrive a few minutes early.
  2. Click on “Health Records” on the left menu bar or at the bottom of the page once logged in.
  3. Click “Other Documents.”
  4. Download your results.

Step by Step Process for Making your Free COVID Testing Appointmen

  1. Make your weekly appointment by scheduling online at one of the locations above or by calling CHC at 313-577-5041 if these dates/times/locations do not work for you.
  2. Complete the Campus Daily Screener online form or download the WSU application. You do NOT have to answer “YES” on the daily screener stating you have a pending COVID-19 test if it pertains to the mandatory testing appointment.
  3. Bring your WSU OneCard, Health Insurance Card, and Government issued ID to the appointment with you. Please pay special attention to the location of your appointment.