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+ Contraception

  • Depo Provera Calendar
    Find out when you are due for your next Depo shot with this perpetual calendar. Search for the date of your last injection, and the chart will tell you when you need to make an appointment for your next injection!

  • What Birth Control Is Right For You?
    There are many methods of birth control out there, but what one best matches your needs? The Association of Reproductive Health Professionals has a way to help! Find which birth control is right for your lifestyle by filtering, sorting, and comparing various methods:

+ Sexual Health

  • Condom Club
    The Condom Club is an affordable way to stay protected. The Campus Health Center sells Condom Club cards for $5.00 at the front desk. Each card can be redeemed for 50 condoms in increments of five. You can get up to 10 condoms per day. The card never expires, but you can only buy one card per month.

    The types of condoms that are available may vary by semester, but we currently offer:
    • Atlas Extra Large
    • Atlas True Fit
    • Beyond 7 Studded
    • Crown Colors
    • Durex Enhanced Pleasure
    • Fantasy Flavors
    • Impulse Pale Rider
    • Lifestyles Skyn Latex-Free
    • One Glowing Pleasures
    • One Classic Select
    • Trojan ENZ
    • Trojan Magnums

    Flavored and latex-free dental dams are also available.

    Look out for our special Condom Club deals! During select weeks throughout the school year we sell Condom Club cards at $1.00 off!

  • Free STD Testing
    The Campus Health Center offers free HIV, Gonorrhea, and Chlamydia testing to students between the ages 24 and under on a weekly basis throughout the school year and a bi-weekly basis throughout the Spring/Summer semesters. We also have a Sexual Health Week each semester where we offer free STD testing more frequently and even test students in the dorms.

    Free STD testing clinics will be held on Mondays between 12:00pm and 4:00pm throughout the 2013-2014 school year. Call 313-577-5041 to make an appointment.

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+ Student Health 101

  • Current Issue

  • What is Student Health 101?
    Student Health 101 is an online magazine available to all Wayne State students. The magazine is updated each month with health related topics geared toward college students. Some of the topics include:
    • Stress management
    • Academic performance
    • Eating well and exercising
    • Alcohol and other drugs
    • Sexual health and responsibility
    • Body image
    • Sleep habits
    • Money management
    • And much more!
    Plus each month you can enter to win $1,000! For the latest issue, go to Student Health 101

  • Want to Advertise or Write an Article?
    If you are interested in writing an article or putting an advertisement in a future issue of Student Health 101, please email us at We will send you a template for you to design a page, and it will be submitted for approval. Please note: The deadline for submitting a page to the next article is the 10th of the month prior.

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